What is redundancy insurance

Redundancy Insurance Protection is an insurance policy that will pay you a monthly income if you get made redundant from your job.

It will not pay you if you get fired, or decide you don’t want to work anymore, you must get made redundant to be able to make a claim.

If you took out Redundancy Insurance at some point in the past and you are made redundant, the insurance company will start paying you money at the beginning of every month to help keep you afloat financially until you get another job.

Payment does not last forever, you will be paid by the insurance company for up to 6 months.

This gives you up to 6 months to find a new job, which for most of us should be possible even in these tough economic times.

It is very important to get your Redundancy Insurance now even if you think your job is safe.

Even if you think there’s no way you could ever get made redundant, or you think “my employer has been around for many years, they won’t make me redundant”, because if you think you don’t need the redundancy insurance, think again, if you get made redundant, you will be wanting this insurance policy.

We have numerous people contacting us who hope they can get redundancy insurance protection after they have been told by their employers that there may be some redundancies.

If this has happened you have left it too late, and you will be very stressed out while you find out if you have a job or not, and even more stressed out if you are made redundant because you will have no money to keep living.

That’s why you need to organize Redundancy Insurance Protection now, so you have money paid to you regularly if you are ever made redundant.

For more details on redundancy insurance and to get free quotes visit our webpage “Redundancy Insurance”

Article by Andrew Ball (Ease Insurance Brokers) 1 July 2013