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Helping you achieve financial security

It’s impossible to predict what the future might have in store, and job losses, sicknesses and injuries can lead to financial disaster for those who are unprepared. Job security is now a thing of the past, and your company might not give you the redundancy package you need to stay afloat. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about how to cover your expenses if you purchase insurance, and our insurance brokers in Auckland are here to help you find the best cover for your particular needs.

Ease Insurance is a leading insurance broker in New Zealand.

We provide you with a superior service – exactly what you would expect from a professional insurance broker.

Compare quotes from the nation’s leading providers

Instead of trawling through countless websites and making phone calls to multiple providers to find the right cover, you can compare quotes from trusted insurance companies within minutes thanks to Ease Insurance. You can get quotes from up to eight of the leading providers with just a few mouse clicks using our simple online tool, and the benefits of our services don’t stop there.

Best insurance cover – getting you the most affordable insurance policy

Competitive options are the name of the game we have vast connections within the insurance industry. Options are something our insurance team certainly offers. We liaise with eight of the top providers in New Zealand to completely arrange all you could need from an insurance company.
Whether you are looking to renew your life cover, get mortgage protection insurance, are looking for a specialized life assurance plan, or a critical illness insurance policy, our brokers can help you find the right one for you, saving both time and money.

What our insurance brokers can do for you

At Ease Insurance, helping you compare online quotes is just a small part of what we can do for you. After you’ve received your quotes, one of our friendly and highly experienced experts will be in touch to discuss your needs and help you choose the right premium for you. Some of the insurance types we specialise in include:

After we’ve helped you narrow down your options, we can arrange to secure the cover on your behalf. Plus, should you need to make a claim or need any advice, our professionals will be with you every step of the way. There’s no need to risk the future of your finances and family’s security when you can trust the Ease Insurance experts.

Unlike an insurance agent, Insurance brokers work for you.

Ease Insurance Brokers use their industry experience and ability to help you assess your current insurance needs, shop for insurance options and get you the coverage you require.
In addition, a mortgage insurance expert will provide you with answers to insurance-related questions, clarification of any terms or actions and help you process your insurance claims. Nobody likes to think about the unfortunate, but there are many insurance options available, including sickness and redundancy cover, serious illness or trauma insurance, funeral insurance and many others. Our insurance brokers aim to achieve complete peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

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The only thing that rivals the quality of our service offering is the level of our customer service, which is why we encourage you to contact us with any questions. If you want to discuss your requirements with one of our experts directly, don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 141 889. We’ll gladly provide further details over the phone.

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