Ease Insurance Brokers provides a drafting service for clients without Wills.


Wills go hand in hand with life insurance policies to set up a promising future for the ones you care about.

If you do not have a legal Will when you die it can cause extra stress for your loved ones at a very difficult time, with long delays in sorting out your estate. This means your loved ones will not receive any money and assets from your estate when they may most need them. In addition, you will not have a say in who will receive your estate.

Don’t I need a lawyer for Wills?

A valid Last Will and Testament is your way to ensure your family are cared for appropriately. Everyone over the age of 18 should have a legal Will in their name. The best part is that drafting Wills is not a time-consuming process and you don’t need a lawyer for it to be valid. Our last Will interview will take under half an hour and provide a lifetime of certainty.
Express your wishes for what’ll happen after you die.

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About this document
Like it or not, you’re not going to live forever. When you go, your loved ones will be dealing with a loss. By making a will, your parting gift is the assurance that they will be cared for according to your wishes. This legal record explains how your estate, which consists of everything you own, will be distributed after you pass away.
Who can use this Will
If you want to leave your stuff to one special person, or equally between lots of people, this Will can be used by you.
Who CAN’T use this Will
If you own a business or a family trust and have special wishes for how they should be run when you die, this product is not appropriate.

Before you get started

We recommend you sit down and make a list of all of your assets and then think of how you would like this divvied up. Consider what wishes you have for funeral arrangements. Try to recall whether you’ve ever promised to include someone in your Will. If you have this stuff all fresh in your memory, this interview will be a breeze.
Interview time
This interview will take you between 5 & 20 minutes, depending on the complexity of your wishes.
Document length
Approximately 4-7 pages long.
Document type
This interview will generate a document based on the information provided by you. It does not and is not intended to represent legal advice or the practice of law (even if the information you input is based on suggestions or tips provided by us).
Please note: if you want professional assurance that this template and your interpretation of it is appropriate to your particular situation, we recommend that you consult with a lawyer authorised to practice law in your jurisdiction.