“Get Life Right”... Partners Life Insurance available through Ease Insurance

Why choose Ease Insurance as your trusted Partners Life Insurance adviser?

New Zealand has a chronic underinsurance problem. In fact, at Ease Insurance we’ve highlighted that Lloyd’s of London found New Zealand to be the second riskiest country in terms of their insurance take-up rates.

And this remains a problem when it comes to life cover, with around 50% of New Zealanders failing to have life insurance or a will.

We get it, life insurance is one of those things that many of us prefer not to think about. But, if something happened to you, have you considered what the impact would be on your partner, your children or your home? Would your mortgage payments continue to be met? Who would pay for your funeral?

It can be uncomfortable to consider those ‘what if?’ questions, but clearly, the alternatives could be worse.

That’s why we’ve been pleased to see Partners Life Insurance NZ shaking things up with their recent ‘Get Life Right’ advertising campaign, which highlights the importance of taking responsibility for managing risk in our lives.

Their humorous and thought-provoking campaign reiterates that having adequate life insurance in place ensures that your partner and children will continue to be looked after should the worst case scenario happen.

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We’re all different, so life insurance shouldn’t be an off-the-shelf product. That’s why you can’t buy Partners Life Insurance directly. Instead, as a life insurance company, their cover is only available through independent advisors.

As established NZ insurance brokers, we’re proud to provide access to Partners Insurance. We’re independent brokers and we’ll work with you to truly understand what matters to you. We can help you recognise what financial risks you and your family face and tailor a quote unique for your circumstances and budget.

So, for best Partners Insurance advice, talk to us today