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Living life is a risky business, especially in New Zealand. As any of the life insurance brokers at Ease will tell you, it’s important to prepare as much as possible for whatever life throws at you.

Despite being a developed, Western society with enviable civil defence and dependable infrastructure, Lloyd’s of London found New Zealand to be the second riskiest country in terms of their non-life underinsurance and insurance take-up rates.

It begs the question: how we can be “at risk” of disaster as a country known for overcrowding, vulnerable infrastructure and tropical cyclones? Put simply, geographical placement. Our islands straddle the tectonic plate boundary known as the “Ring of Fire”, complete with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Furthermore, our latitude is firmly within the “Roaring Forties”, which only intensifies rain, snow, drought and wind. Together, these natural factors pose a potent risk to long-term planning.

Life Insurance Brokers: Policies to after your loved ones, no matter what.

The past decade has been a tumultuous time for New Zealanders, who have had to cope with disasters that have taken lives, wrecked homes and ruined livelihoods.

The repercussions of the devastating Canterbury earthquakes continue to reverberate throughout the country. The Kaikoura Earthquake in 2016 was also extremely costly, as was the Edgecumbe flood in April 2017. With the bungling Earthquake Commission preparing for a major quake for decades and then failing to provide a satisfactory outcome for years, it’s so very important to think about the benefits of life insurance.

There are probably more than a million Kiwis who can attest to our risky status through their personal experiences during the past eight years – but people are still underinsuring their most precious and valuable assets: their lives and their income.

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It can be daunting to “put a price” on your life – but you really should. Ease’s team of life insurance brokers are here to assist you with the entire process, from getting instant life insurance quotes from up to 8 major providers and evaluating the right life insurance coverage for you, to looking out for you at claim time.

With the Alpine Fault right on our doorstep, it would be wise to talk to your local life insurance broker to be as prepared as possible for our risky future. For a free, no-obligation consultation about life insurance, talk to any of the capable and qualified team of life insurance brokers at Ease Insurance.