Funeral Services in New Zealand

Have you asked yourself, why do you need to be looking for funeral services?
Irrespective of how much we despise the subject of death, it remains an inevitable fate that every living organism will experience – even plants.
Unfortunately, the media reports that funerals in New Zealand can cost up to $9,000 on average, a massive bill that might deal an unexpected financial blow to the deceased’s family.
However, this negative factor can be avoided via funeral insurance, which steps in to handle the costs associated with the funeral and Burial.
Fortunately, this brief post aims to provide you with the information necessary to ease the family’s financial burden if you (or anyone) were to breathe their last.
Let’s begin!

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What is Funeral Services Insurance and how does it work?

Funeral Services Insurance is a policy that pays a financial benefit to the policyholder’s family after their death or diagnosis of a fatal illness like cancer.
The purpose of the funeral insurance benefit is to foot the bills associated with the funeral and Burial of the policyholder to prevent further commotion during such emotional times.
Funeral insurance begins after you’ve selected a policy that you’ll regularly deposit money into as time progresses. After your payments have reached a certain amount deemed by the criteria, the policy becomes valid until you pass away.
After your death, payments into the account stops, and the necessary funds to handle affairs related to your Burial is given to the individual you nominated.
The eligible age for a funeral insurance cover often ranges between 18 and 70, where the individual is knowledgeable enough to nominate a beneficiary to receive the insurance benefits after their death.
The insurance benefit is tax-free and can be spent on anything from catering services for the funeral to accommodation for the family members.

What are the benefits of a Funeral Insurance?

Depending on the type of policy, the Funeral Allowance Benefit provides your family with financial support immediately after your death – or diagnosis of a terminal illness – has been confirmed.
In some cases, some policies offer double or triple financial benefits to the family if the cause of death is accidental.
The family of the policyholder can use this financial aid to pay for many expenses, including:
Additionally, funeral insurance makes it possible to organize a service Irrespective of the rise in funeral costs due to inflation.

Funeral costs in New Zealand

Some individuals might feel reluctant to get funeral services insurance, thinking that the cost might not be challenging to handle. However, the Citizens Advice Bureau reveals that a funeral can cost a minimum of $8,000 to $10,000.
The Bureau also reveals Cremation to be a cheaper alternative to burials, since burials require you to purchase a land plot, which is undoubtedly expensive.
Ultimately, if you were to die in an accident or a sudden illness, your family will have to spend approximately $8,000 to $10,000 in funeral costs. You can save them from this burden if you have funeral insurance.


Ultimately, you need to possess funeral services – Irrespective of your social status – because you’ll never know what unexpected factors like inflation, or a pandemic might make it impossible to put your body to rest.

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