Insurance with ease

We arrange your insurance with leading insurance companies in NZ, so you won’t waste time looking through multiple websites.

Ease Insurance Brokers: Protecting you and your assets is what we do.

As New Zealand owned and operated insurance brokers since 2001, we’ve been helping those from Kaitaia to Bluff get the most suitable and affordable insurance policy for their needs.
Are you dissatisfied spending time in multiple consultations with a business insurance broker, life insurance broker or medical insurance brokers? Our team is well-versed in a wide array of services from multiple insurance providers. With Ease Insurance Brokers, we deliver a consolidated risk solution.

Insurance Agents and Brokers – What’s the difference?

Insurance policies can be overwhelming so seeking guidance is imperative. The difference between top insurance brokers and insurance agents is that brokers are independent, sourcing quotes from multiple providers and personally assisting you to select the best one. Agents are part of the insurance company and are unable to give you the complete, unbiased picture.
As independent insurance brokers, we aim to deliver exceptional customer service where a provider’s insurance agent cannot. Ease Insurance Brokers give honest, unbiased advice, interpreting and evaluating policies to ensure you sign up for the policy with the best value coverage.
Partner with a private insurance broker, like Ease Insurance Brokers, to get the full picture of your needs. Our tailored insurance solutions achieve the best possible outcomes to protect you, your family and business, together.
Here’s why a combination of life, income and critical illness cover could be your best protection:
Getting the best Insurance Cover is easy