Life insurance

Life insurance

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Life Insurance pays out a lump sum of money if you die from Sickness or Accident, and pays out early if you have a terminal illness.

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Life insurance
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Why have Life Insurance

Your insurance will pay when…

It’s smart thinking to have Life Insurance.

Life Insurance can help ensure big debts are paid and immediate costs such as funeral expenses are covered. It can also provide an on-going income for your loved ones when you are gone. We all try to live a long healthy life, but no matter how careful we might be, we have to be realistic that things might not turn out how we planned. It is an easy and cost-effective way to provide for your partner or family. Once it’s in place you can rest assured that you have done the right thing for your family, and you only need to revisit it if your circumstances change.

How Ease Insurance Brokers can help find the right life insurance policy for you.

Death can be a difficult subject to think about, but planning financially will ensure that your loved ones are never at risk. The dedicated team at Ease Insurance Brokers can help you decide on a level of insurance cover that’s just right for you, allowing you to enjoy life to the full.

Ease Insurance Brokers can evaluate and recommend life insurance plans to suit you and your family’s needs. We can source life cover insurance for a short period of time to cover a small debt, or we can find whole life insurance quotes with no term, so you are covered no matter when tragedy strikes.

The benefits of life insurance are self-evident.

The unfortunate truth is, no matter how carefully we plan, the future will always be filled with unknowns. It’s almost unthinkable, but if the worst should happen to the main earner of your family, it can become difficult to meet daily outgoings. Life insurance can leave your family a lump sum, and help to guarantee a future home for your dependents.

We’ll take the time to consider your case on an individual level, before recommending the most suitable cover for you and your family. There are many options, each with a different life insurance premium. Some of the insurance plans we can get quotes for include:

Cost of Life Insurance

The cost of cover will vary depending on various factors.
The insurance company will also consider your medical history, in some cases they may request that you have a blood test done, and for larger sums insured they may require a medical examination. The good news is that the insurance company will pay for most tests that they require.
There are some insurance companies out there that offer Life Insurance with no medical questions, the cost of this cover is usually a lot more than normal standard cover. If you want the best priced insurance, then you should look for a company that asks a lot of questions about your medical history, this is something that we can help you with.
As well as finding you the best priced policy, in most cases we will offer you a 20% rebate on your first year’s life insurance premium, which saves you even more money.

We work with some of New Zealand’s leading insurance providers so that we can find you competitive prices on a wide range of insurance policies. We’ll even help with the paperwork to ensure that the process is as straightforward and efficient as possible.

How much Life Insurance do I need ?

When deciding on the amount of Life Insurance, consider that it will

Read more information here on How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Policy Ownership

If you own your own policy, the proceeds will be paid to your estate. This can cause unnecessary delay in your loved ones getting the money as your lawyer will need to clear probate before the funds can be released. You can have your policy owned by another person or persons, (usually your wife or partner, or your adult children), this way means the insurance company can pay the money directly to the policy owner(s) and it will bypass your estate and lawyers. So the money can be used for the purpose you intended in a timely manner.

Are you tired of your Life Insurance Premium going up each year?

There are 2 types of premiums:
1. Stepped or Rate for Age – This premium starts lower but will increase every year eventually becoming unsustainable.
2. Level Premium

Level premiums will start off higher, but will not be increased each year. The premium is fixed for life, even if your health deteriorates. We can give you a quote for Level Life Insurance, just click on request a quote and we will email you quotes for all companies that offer Level Life Premiums.
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Case Study – Marianne

Marianne was 46 years old. She worked in the banking industry and had Life Cover.

In March of 1997, she went to see her doctor as she hadn’t been feeling well for some time. Her doctor diagnosed her condition as cancer of the gall bladder. The doctor also advised that her illness was terminal and that unfortunately she was unlikely to live longer than 12 months.

Marianne was suddenly faced with the prospect of trying to make the most of the time she had left, as well as ensuring that the loved ones she would inevitably leave behind would be provided for by her estate.

A letter from her doctor was sent to the insurance company confirming that Marianne had less than 12 months to live. With this in hand, the following day the insurer paid her a lump sum terminal illness benefit of $93,000, which equated to the total amount of her Life Cover.

Case Study - Marianne September 28, 2015

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