How to find Life Insurance Policy?

Find life insurance policy? It can be hard to find a life insurance policy that meets all your requirements. The problem is that a life insurance policy forces us to look at things from a perspective that we don’t really like.

Nobody wants to think of a future where their family has to live without them, but we can’t do much about it since death is inevitable.


What is Redundancy Pay? Why Redundancy Insurance?

Redundancy pay and redundancy insurance are two quite different sides of the same issue. We often confuse one with the other because there really isn’t a lot out there to help us tell the difference. Redundancy isn’t a topic many of us would like to think about, but it’s a reality that unfortunately many of us do have to face. When something so drastically altering our life is possible through any number of unfortunate circumstances, it pays to make sure your contingency plan is in place. So, if you are wondering “what is redundancy pay?” or “what’s the difference between redundancy pay and redundancy insurance?” you’ll have all your questions answered here!


Why Choose a Local Insurance Broker?

Making the decision to go for an insurance broker to help you with your insurance needs can provide you with a real sense of relief. An insurance broker will help take care of you from start to finish; from assessing the needs and risks surrounding your individual circumstances to shopping around for the best cover available to managing your insurance portfolio and even walking you through making claims. Any reputable broker will be able to provide this for you – but if you choose a local insurance broker, you’ll note the added local insurance broker benefits!


Best Redundancy Insurance: How to Protect Yourself during Unemployment

Recently, people are becoming more aware of the fact that they need to hold the best redundancy insurance available. It is true that forecasts for unemployment have always been used for gauging future economic activity. New Zealand has a positive economic outlook in the coming future – which is coincidentally the best time to start an income protection redundancy insurance policy.


Christmas Insurance: Be Savvy & Rest Easy These Holidays

The Christmas holiday period is just around the corner and as you play for some well-earned downtime, Christmas insurance is probably the last thing on your mind. You may be going away on a vacation or just spending your days enjoying the outdoors but either way, you will want to know you have the best possible holiday insurance cover should anything go wrong this summer.


Why Income Protection Insurance Important for Kiwi Families

It’s never fun to consider what would happen to you and your family should you become too sick or injured to work.

But it’s something that New Zealanders do need to think about – after all, according to the Financial Services Council, almost 85% of Kiwis don’t have any insurance in place to protect them from loss of income. They also point out that ‘there are nearly one million households with incomes above $20,000 that would be vulnerable if they faced a long-term illness that stopped a major earner in the household working.’