Why do you need to buy health insurance before you turn 35?

Most people think of insurance when they get old and need more financial assistance or to manage their health costs and related financial risk. However, believe it or not, you can save a lot of money by choosing health insurance before 35.

Here are some reasons why:

The Earlier You Start, The More You Save

Health insurance before 35 years of age
Health Insurance plans or pricing depends on your age. Essentially, the younger you are, the cheaper your monthly health insurance premium will be Why? The older we get, the more ailments and pre-existing health conditions that may be excluded from any policy and the more expensive our health insurance becomes.

According to a 2018 report from HealthView Services, a healthy 65-year old couple will require about $363,946 to cover health-care costs. This includes premiums, medical care and other related expenses.

This is a huge amount. As insurance brokers, we know that our best advice to you is to start planning early We work with many health insurance companies and can therefore recommend the best insurance products to you for your particular health insurance need..

The Sooner You Get Health Insurance, greater the protection against unexpected medical bills

Medical Insurance is your best protection against future medical costs. You never know what your future could hold. About 33 percent of people avoid going to a doctor hoping the condition will naturally subside. In fact, about 22 percent skip a scheduled appointment for the same reason. Then there is the question of the cost of attending to a health condition when you have so many other people to prioritise ahead of yourself in the household. We know that some medications are funded but we also know that non Pharmac drugs can be expensive and certain cancer drugs may not be covered at all by our government support systems. Protect yourself and your family early is our best advice.

Get protection before you develop a medical history that can be classified as a pre-existing condition.

Insurance companies may not always cover existing conditions and since most health conditions begin to appear after 35, it is best to get health insurance at a young age so that your insurance policy covers future illnesses as well.

Show us a person at the age of 50 or 60 that has not experienced a medical event or does not have a pre-existing medical condition. Perhaps its endometriosis, a damaged knee from a rugby injury or a shoulder hurt in a water polo match. If you have a health insurance policy before you develop this medical condition, it will probably be covered under your policy. Take out a policy after you have developed this condition and it will most likely be excluded.

You’ll have access to a wider range of Comprehensive Insurance Plans

Younger applicants tend to have more insurance product choices available to them in the current market place and naturally will have less exclusions placed onto their policy.

Call us today to find out what health insurance plan options are available to you.

So, consider getting health insurance before 35. If you’re looking for reliable health insurance companies then our insurance brokers look forward to chatting to you about the health insurance plan options available to you..

Not only are we here to guide you towards the best insurance product available to meet your needs but we are there at claim time, when you need us most.

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