How to find Life Insurance Policy?

Find life insurance policy? It can be hard to find a life insurance policy that meets all your requirements. The problem is that a life insurance policy forces us to look at things from a perspective that we don’t really like.

Nobody wants to think of a future where their family has to live without them, but we can’t do much about it since death is inevitable.

Find life insurance policyDid you know that despite the benefits of owning a life insurance policy, it is estimated that only 57% of Kiwis have life insurance?

If you’ve decided to Google ‘’find life insurance policy’’ and you’ve landed on this page, then you have come to the right place to get your questions answered.

Ease Insurance understands that the prime purpose of such a  policy is to safeguard your loved one’s future.   We know that there are so many questions to answer in order to find the right fit and insurance premium that will allow you to sustain such a policy over the years ahead.

So, what is a life insurance policy?  This is where an insurance company will pay a fixed amount to a person of your choice (beneficiary) upon your death.  We also know from our client’s feedback that having an insurance broker to stand by your side at this time of sadness and stress, is incredibly reassuring.

So, when googling – find a life insurance policy? Here are some things to remember:

  • Use an Insurance Broker

You can get life insurance online.  But why buy such an important product online when you can deal with a knowledgeable insurance agent and they can ensure that you are matched with the exact insurance product that will suit you and your loved one’s needs.   As an aside, they also do most of the hard work on your behalf.

  • Compare These Factors

It’s important to understand life insurance policy details (the fine print) so that there are no issues later on. As an insurance broker, our Ease Insurance team can explain all these terms and how they affect your policy. It is down to earth language and no jargon. So, let’s look at some of the factors influencing your decision.

  • Cost

Term life insurance cost depends on a variety of factors including the applicant’s age, prevailing medical conditions, the amount of benefit, the term of insurance, and additional cash values. The healthier and younger you are, the more affordable will be your life insurance policy rates.

However, since rates change from company to company, you must pay attention to this factor. Choose an affordable term life insurance – one that is easy to pay.

  • Duration of a policy

You have to be clear about the length of the policy term, which mainly depends on ‘why’ you were searching for an online life insurance policy.

The longer the term (as you age), the higher will be the monthly policy premium.

As an aside, did you know that some products will also extend to include life cover for your children?  Please ask us about this when we chat.

Did you know that monthly insurance payments are subjected to annual increases?  But there are other options that will allow you to fix these monthly rates at the start of the policy.

There is also a mortgage life insurance policy option.  Your broker will be the best place to support you here.

  • Amount of insurance cover needed

This is the amount of money the beneficiary will receive. Deciding on the full amount to insure for, often depends on your needs.  It is also important to be pragmatic when you consider the long term costs of such a policy and the related policy premiums. It is often in this process that the practical voice of insurance experience can guide you.

  • Settling on the right life insurance policy for you

Our insurance broker will help you find that right life insurance policy for you.   They will review the longer-term picture to ensure that this policy meets your requirement, is affordable, and will achieve your ultimate goal of protecting your loved ones.

At Ease Insurance, we compare Life Insurance for up to 8 major Life Insurance insurers in NZ. Get in touch with us today to know more.