No will and no life insurance coverage? Who will look after your family when you’re gone?

Around half of New Zealanders don’t have life insurance coverage or a will.

1500 people pass away each year without life insurance coverage, and without a will to give direction. That’s a lot of people who could pass without having their final wishes carried out.

Katrina Shanks, chief executive of Financial Advice New Zealand, said Kiwis had little financial resilience when things go wrong.
“Debt levels are high; the cost of living is high; savings are low and so are the number of Kiwis covered by life insurance, or with a plan in place for their financial future.”
Shanks said too few Kiwis sought financial advice which could help them keep afloat when life events hit.

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The impact of dying without life insurance coverage – is this legacy you want to leave?

Amanda Wilton-Skinner was 38 when she was left with a mortgage to pay by herself and a house which needed massive renovations. This illustrates the struggles experienced by hundreds of Kiwi families dealing with a slow, complicated and expensive process known as estate administration.
The team at Ease Insurance brokers have helped consumers get the best coverage and affordable fixed price and variable life insurance premiums as part of our brokered insurance offerings. Our experts have witnessed first-hand the expediting factor that wills can have on an estate.
Without a will, estate administration is a process that has been described by one lawyer as a “legal and financial minefield”. It’s an overwhelming experience for everyone at a time when their focus should be on the grieving process.

Get the best life insurance premiums with Ease Insurance Brokers

Life insurance with a will makes sure that everyone has the easiest experience possible in a stressful time. It cares for your loved ones properly, distributing assets and carrying out your wishes in a timely manner. Once it’s in place you can rest assured that you have done the right thing for your family, and you only need to revisit it if your circumstances change.

Establishing a will is so simple – our will drafting service can be done online and takes between five and twenty minutes. It’s easy to sweep under the rug, to put it off until it’s too late. Every Kiwi should strive toward financial resilience, so our Wills come complimentary with any life insurance policy we broker.

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