What is Mortgage Protection Insurance?

Wondering what is mortgage protection insurance? Mortgage protection insurance is a group of insurance policies designed to take care of your mortgage when something unexpected happens to you.

This insurance is taken out on the mortgage borrower (you, the person who is responsible for repaying the mortgage).

If the borrower for some reason cannot meet their obligations of paying the mortgage to the bank, the mortgage protection policy will take care of those obligations.

A mortgage protection insurance policy can provide you with insurance…

* Paying off the mortgage if you were to die from an Accident or Sickness.

* Keeping the mortgage paid when you cannot work because of sickness or accident.

* Keeping the mortgage paid if you lost your job due to being made redundant.

* Why would you risk losing your house because you do not have Mortgage Protection Insurance.

How much is Mortgage Protection Insurance?

Go to our website page on Mortgage Protection Insurance for further information and you can enter a few easy details to get quotes from all of the insurance companies that we use.

Article by Andrew Ball of Ease Insurance: 3 July 2013