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Protect Your Loved Ones with an Online Will maker

Do you find it hard to stay switched on when someone talks to you about life insurance? What about when they talk to you about the importance of having a Will?

Unfortunately, far too many people put off sorting either life insurance or writing a valid Will, until it’s too late. As a result, those left behind often end up having to deal with all sorts of negative consequences at a time when they’re grieving. Even worse, all of the associated heartache and trouble they experience when a loved one dies without having written a proper Will could have been easily avoided simply by Ease Insurance’s online will services. If you haven’t yet sorted your Will, take action now to get a Will online.

Online Will preparation is part of sound financial planning.

Setting up a Will online, much like getting life insurance, budgeting or building a retirement fund, is simply part and parcel of having a sound financial plan. After all, wouldn’t you say that taking actions to look after the long-term well-being of your loved ones, especially those who depend on you is paramount; should you come into harm’s way?

If you die without a Will no-one will know your wishes of dealing with your possessions and assets. Furthermore, if you die without a legal will then the intestacy laws of the country in which you live will determine what happens with your property, irrespective of what you really might have wanted to happen with your assets.

This could cause a whole lot of unnecessary stress for your loved ones at a most difficult time. It may even result in them having to face a long delay in sorting out your estate, which would mean that they don’t get access to the money or other assets from your estate at a time when they most need them.

When should I create a Will online?

While most people know they should have a Will, many don’t have one – or they wait until they get a mortgage, have a child or reach some other significant milestone in their lives before they think about getting a Will. Of course, it’s perfectly wise to review things like your life insurance cover & will at every significant life-event, such as births, divorces and marriages, changes in financial situation, retirement and so on.

However, when it comes to actually get your Will sorted, you can fill out an online Will at any time. In fact, you should do so as soon as you start living independently and earning a living, but especially once you turn 18. What’s more, it’s easy to get a quick Will online these days, so why wait and run the risk of leaving your loved ones in a difficult situation if you should suddenly and unexpectedly die?

So, if you are over the age of 18, do you have a legally valid Will?

Look after the future well-being of your loved ones with our online Wills service

If you are serious about wanting to make sure your loved ones are properly looked after according to your wishes when you’re no longer around, then it’s important to ensure you have a valid and up-to-date Will. Doing so is incredibly simple with Ease Insurance’s online Wills service.

In addition to offering our clients access to a wide range of insurance products we also offer you the ease and convenience of setting up a Will online. Visit our Will page to find out more about our hassle-free online Will forms.