Case Study – Dave

September 28, 2015

Dave started his own business in 1995 working as an auto glazier, having had 14 years experience in the industry. In September of 1996, at the age of 30, he suffered a lower back injury which put him out of work.

Dave’s Disability Income Cover meant he was entitled to an agreed value benefit of $2,000 per month, after a four week waiting period. Dave was paid $1,374.22 per month, which is the agreed value benefit less the payments he received from ACC. However, in June of 1997 his ACC payments ceased, so his income protection payments increased to $2,025 per month. Dave’s injury was such that he will not be able to work as an auto glazier again.

He has, however, commenced a computer course at the Bay of Plenty Polytech. For this, the insurer paid the course fees of $2,445 pursuant to the Retraining benefit.