Medical Insurance with most pre existing* conditions covered

For a limited time, you can get most pre-existing health conditions that would normally be excluded, covered after three years of the policy being in place.
This offer is for one of the top rated Health Insurance policies and provides you with comprehensive cover.
All you have to do is apply for cover through Ease Insurance Brokers before 30 June 2021.
Medical Insurance
What is health insurance?
Good health is undoubtedly invaluable. Health insurance takes care of your medical bills and provides you with faster medical care that suits your needs.
Why do I need it?
The New Zealand public health system and ACC do a great job supporting people who require urgent medical attention due to an acute condition. However, many health issues Kiwis face are not acute or urgent, and can mean delayed treatment due to long waiting lists, and can cost thousands.
Take colonoscopies for example. We all know the key to surviving Bowel Cancer is early detection and early detection is achieved through a colonoscopy.
However if you have to wait 3 months for a colonoscopy then early detection is virtually gone.
But if you have Private Health Insurance you can get a colonoscopy done in 2 weeks and therefore significantly increase your chances of surviving bowel cancer.
Health insurance removes the worry around unexpected medical bills so you can focus on getting the right treatment and start your recovery sooner.
Pre Existing Conditions can be covered
We will explain the offer to you when you contact us, most pre-existing conditions will be covered with the exception of a few which will have permanent exclusions as follows

Get Medical Insurance with pre existing conditions covered

Health Insurance Cover protects your greatest asset – You.
When people say nothing is more important than your health – they’re right. And that’s what makes health insurance such an important part of your life. Without your health, your life, lifestyle and earning ability can be impacted. Choosing health insurance is a smart choice because it gives you the security of knowing you have protection and options should you experience a health problem.

Five important reasons to have health insurance

Medical Cover pays for the treatment of non-acute medical conditions.

This includes the medical costs of any surgical or non-surgical treatment in a private hospital. While New Zealand has an established public health system, there are limitations to what it can provide. For emergency treatment, the public system will provide you with immediate care. But for other health problems, even serious ones like heart surgery, you may have to be continuously assessed to remain on the waiting list. It may take months, or even years to be treated. The effects waiting can have on you and your family can range from being inconvenient to devastating.

How Do Health Insurance Plans Work?

Health insurance takes away the lengthy delays often experienced by those needing treatment and means you don’t have to put your life on hold or face a stressful waiting period.
Private medical care works alongside the public health system and treatment often takes place within public hospitals. Let your GP know your concerns and that you have health insurance. If you then require a specialist consultation, private healthcare is arranged and you can make a claim with your health insurance provider.

Health Insurance New Zealand Made Easy

The best part is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Affordable health insurance depends on factors such as your age and overall health at the time of taking out the policy, the stated.
Ease Insurance is an independent health insurance broker. We will prepare your quote, explain the policy and then arrange all of the application details on your behalf.
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