Case Study – Michael

September 28, 2015

Michael, a 50 year old insurance broker, had his world turned upside down in August 1997 when he was advised by his doctor to undergo quadruple by-pass surgery. A week later Michael had the surgery on his heart.

Michael was well prepared and through his Trauma cover, received a lump sum benefit of just under $160,000 which assisted his family while he was unable to work. He received his benefit within two days of submitting the required medical information.

The operation was a success and thanks to his Trauma Cover Michael was able to concentrate on recovering from the surgery.

Case Study – Kathy

September 28, 2015

As a 30 year old librarian Kathy didn’t feel she had need for extensive cover at this point in her life. However, it was important to have some protection in place to put her mind at ease. In conjunction with her life cover Kathy took out a Trauma Cover Policy that would pay out $75,000 in the event of a serious illness. This was in July of 1992.

During a routine examination in October 1994 blood tests indicated the presence of leukemia. By November the disease was confirmed and she underwent treatment.

The Insurer was able to pay Kathy her Trauma Cover making a significant contribution to her continuing treatment. As of today Kathy is doing well although not completely rid of the leukemia. We were very pleased to be able to assist in her time of need.

Case Study – Kate

September 28, 2015

Kate worked as a charge nurse manager at an Auckland hospital. In August 1995, she had tests carried out by her doctor as she had not been feeling right for a while. The tests indicated that Kate had endometrial cancer. Surgery followed, leaving Kate unable to work for six weeks. She returned to work for a short period of time but then had to take a further week off to recover from follow-up radiotherapy.

Kate had Trauma Cover and a claim was made through her financial adviser and she promptly received a lump sum of $20,000. This was used to fund an overseas trip with her children.

Kate is currently in good health and having regular check ups to ensure that all the cancer has been removed. She is concentrating on maintaining a more relaxed lifestyle.

Case Study – Jim

September 28, 2015

At 52 years old, Jim had everything going for him. Happily married with two sons, he worked at a distinguished Auckland secondary school as Deputy Headmaster and was coach of the New Zealand Junior weightlifting team. He didn’t smoke, drank alcohol moderately, exercised regularly and had a health assessment every six months. In November 1997, however, everything changed for Jim – he suffered two strokes within three days.

He spent four weeks in hospital, unable to walk, or swallow food and liquids. His wife gave up her busy career as a real estate agent to care for him full time.

Fortunately, he had Trauma Cover. His financial adviser arranged the claim with the insurer and a payment of $50,000 was promptly paid. Jim commented, “The receipt of this payment was the turning point for us in what was an extremely stressful situation”.

Jim is back on his feet now but he gets tired very quickly. Although he has resigned from his role as Deputy Headmaster, he plans to resume teaching on a part-time basis when he has recovered sufficiently from his ordeal.