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Ease Insurance bring you the best, comparing quotes of up to 8 mortgage protection insurance companies. Mortgage protection insurance is easy to get and starts from only $15 a week.

Your home is your most valuable asset, and if you’re like most people, you probably have a mortgage that you’ll be paying off for decades. Fortunately, home ownership is beneficial for countless reasons, from ensuring your family will never be without a roof over their head to the potential to make a significant profit should you ever decide to sell it. However, taking out a mortgage worth hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars comes with many risks.
What happens if you sustain an injury or become sick to the point where you can no longer work? What about if you pass away before your mortgage has been repaid, leaving your family with the burden of covering the payments? Too many people assume such situations will never happen to them, but as you’ll see from the facts detailed below, disasters can and do happen – frequently.

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Fortunately, thanks to mortgage insurance protection in Auckland and Mortgage Protection Insurance in New Zealand, you can make sure you and your family will always have a home regardless of what the future brings. Whether you become too ill to work, sustain an injury or pass away, you can feel confident that your family members will still have a roof over their head.

Ease Insurance Brokers understands that many people avoid taking out insurance on their mortgage due to the perceived expense and unreliability of many insurance companies, which is why we’ve made it simple to compare quotes from the nation’s leading providers. With just a few mouse clicks, you can obtain quotes from eight revered companies, and we’ll give you a call to help you choose the right cover for your particular situation.

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mortgage protection insurance
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Why should I insure my mortgage?

It’s easy to assume that with your current salary and potential for future pay rises, there’s no need to purchase insurance for your mortgage. However, it’s impossible to predict what the future might hold, and when you consider the following facts, you can see why mortgage insurance protection is crucial.
Unfortunately, the banks will likely take action if you can’t afford to keep paying your mortgage, even if it’s due to sickness or the death of the payer. Don’t let yourself or your family become a victim of such consequences – compare quotes for mortgage protection today.

How much does it cost to buy mortgage protection insurance?

Your mortgage insurance premium will vary depending on a range of factors, such as your age, employment type, and the cost of your mortgage. At the outset, it may seem overwhelming, but a mortgage insurance policy is highly recommended because it can keep a roof over your head when stressful events occur. A private mortgage insurance policy covers your financial obligations for involuntary unemployment, critical or terminal illness and death. It allows you to recover without the stresses of these significant financial burdens.We firmly believe everyone needs a personal mortgage protection policy – every dollar borrowed is a dollar that needs protecting. Nobody likes to assume the worst, but should it happen, the provisions are in place so your loved ones won’t need to worry about your mortgage repayments while you are out of action. Ease Insurance Brokers are the mortgage protection insurance experts, working with you to find the best mortgage protection cover solution to suit your requirements at the best possible price. We’ll take into consideration all the factors affecting your circumstances to ensure you get a good quote from up to eight providers of mortgage protection services.

How does it work?

Why you can trust Ease Insurance

At Ease Insurance Brokers, our insurance specialists understand that many people think they can’t afford to buy mortgage protection, which is why we’ve made it easy for you to find out. In only takes a few minutes to compare quotes from the nation’s leading providers, after which you’ll receive a phone call from one of our experts who will help you choose the best cover for you.

In addition to helping you find cover, we’ll also help you finalise the details, make claims and receive timely payments. Basically, we’ll always have your back to ensure your provider keeps its promises, and we’re always on hand to offer advice and guidance. Compare mortgage protection quotes today or contact us on 0800 141 889 to discuss your needs with one of our experienced specialists.

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Case Study – Vince

Vince was a 46 year old Truck Driver, married and a father of two. Life was good, they owned a house and spent many weekends around the house enjoying the times they had. Vince then had a stroke, this was completely unexpected, fortunately he did not die. However he was rushed to hospital and was unable to work for many months. Because he’d had a stroke and for obvious medical reasons his truck driving licence was revoked.

He was now too sick to work, even if he did want to work he could not. It took over 2 years before he recovered enough to be able to work again. Several months were spent at home worried about how he could pay his mortgage, friends and family could only offer a small amount of financial help and the sickness benefit he received from the Government was used to buy food for the family. Although very understanding of the situation the bank could only wait for so long, they foreclosed on his mortgage as he had no way of making the payments, the house went to mortgagee sale and was sold for much less than market value.

There was only enough money to pay off the mortgage leaving Vince with no money, no home for his family and a bad record with his bank. If he had mortgage payment insurance they would still be in their house today.

Case Study – Vince September 30, 2015

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