What can I use Trauma and Critical Illness Insurance Cover for?

Nobody likes to think about being diagnosed with a critical illness like cancer or being struck down by a sudden medical emergency such as a heart attack. However, even if we’re generally healthy and take care of ourselves, the truth is, any of us can be affected by one of the most difficult curve balls that life can throw at us. Nothing can take the stress and pain out of dealing with a major medical condition, but by making sure you have the right trauma and critical illness cover in place, you can at least take the financial burden away from your loved ones and yourself at what would already be an extremely difficult time. Different people require varying levels of cover and each policy is different, but investing in this addition to your health insurance will give you the peace of mind of guaranteeing a lump sum cash payment that you can use to cover many different essentials should you find yourself in this situation.

What Can I Use Trauma and Critical Illness Insurance Cover For

Time off Work

Not only is surviving on sick pay not an option for those with a serious injury or illness, employers are not required by law to keep jobs open for employees in this already unfortunate position. In order to recover from a traumatic illness or accident, you need to need to focus solely on that goal, something that is impossible if you are worried sick about paying the bills and looking after your family.

Helping Hands

Depending on your policy, your trauma and critical illness cover can include your dependents too, usually up to age 21. This means that if you find yourself in a situation where one of your children is seriously ill, you will have the option of using your pay-out to allow you to become their full-time carer. Likewise, the money can be used for other family members to be able to provide support to you or your child. Also, you can use it for practical measures to help run the house at this difficult time such as payment for a cleaner or childcare for your other children.

Expanding Your Options

If you’re lucky, your existing health insurance will pay for everything you need in terms of treatment and care for your condition. However, trauma and critical illness cover is sometimes used by patients who want to try alternative or new treatments that are not covered by their existing medical insurance or the public health system, such as experimental new cancer drugs.

A Well Deserved Treat

Obviously, personal circumstances vary greatly, but if you’re lucky, your pay-out will stretch to paying for some quality time as you rest and recuperate from your illness or injury. Perhaps you have family you wish to visit, or your doctor recommends a quiet break somewhere sunny to get you back to full health at the end of the recovery process?

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